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Luis Ramírez

Lunes 29 de Agosto del 2011

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Born in Santiago, graduated from University of Chile and with a professional artistic background which spans more than 35 years, Luis has specifically focused on developing his talents as a muralist, portrait and landscape artist. Since 1976 his work has been recognized internationally in countries outside of Chile. He has had many important exhibits, both individually and collectively, in which his work has been highly praised and recognized. A well-rounded artist Luis combines music with painting and in 1982 he became one of the founding members of ARAUCARA from Chile, a musical group that fuses Latin American folk music whose main stage has been all of Venezuela. In order to further his artistic knowledge, Luis immigrated to Canada in 1986; he integrated himself in the Latin American art scene in Toronto and let himself be known through innumerable collective and individual exhibits. Luis was a member of the Association of Latin-American Artists (ASALAV) in Toronto. Once he had established himself in Toronto, he founded the artistic JIRART Group. Together they have had a brilliant artistic career having exhibits in important places both locally; such as The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto City Hall, Scarborough City Hall, Ottawa City Hall, Quebec, the art gallery of the Colombo Center and internationally in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, plus a touring exhibit in France, Egypt and Germany. By the end of 2003 Luis started the new futuristic project in the Latin-American community. He founded Fundarte Latinoamérica a non-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting artistic development in the Latin American community in Canada. The group was founded to make the general public aware of the Latin American cultural heritage and to integrate the Latin American community into the Canadian mainstream, thereby, enriching the cultural mosaic. Luis Ramirez has received great recognition for his community related cultural work from organizations and communication mediums such as: the Ecuadorian Canadian Foundation, Museo de la Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Carrion, Quito Ecuador; Fundacion Guayasamin, Quito Ecuador; Hispanos en Canada Television show, Lion Club Venezuela, Opera House El Cairo Egypt, Dominican Republic Museum. In 2003 he won The Latin American Achievement Award in Toronto in the Art Category and a second award in the painting category for the Latin American National Juried Exhibition in 2005. He has lived, visited, exhibited and has works in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States, Canada, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Egypt. Example of his work: Title: Loading Fish TItle: Fishing Time Title: Sentimiento Inuit Title: The Rain Forest You can see more of Luis Ramírez work at:
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